Bishops of Arkansas (suitable for framing)

The Southwest Conference Bishops 1879-1972

The White River Conference Bishops 1870-1913

The Ouchita Conference Bishops 1854-1869

The EUB Bishops of Arkansas 1885-1968

The North Arkansas Conference Bishops 1914-2003

The Little Rock Conference Bishops 1870-2003

The Arkansas Conference Bishops 1836-1913, 2003-present

Maps of the Six Historic Methodist Conferences of Arkansas

​Historic List of Bishops & Conference Secretaries (1816 - 2008)

Websites of Interest

The Arkansas Conference Website
The General Commission on Archives and History Website
Arkansas Historical Association

(Link above includes County historical societies, Quarterly newsletters, Membership information)
State of Arkansas Official Archives

at the Arkansas Historical Commission
(Link above includes Folklife in Arkansas, Civil War Information, Photographs)
Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture

Websites of Other Methodist Archives

Baltimore-Washington Archives

California-Pacific Archives

Detroit Michigan Archives

Drew University Archives

Duke University Archives

East Ohio Archives

General Commission on Archives and History

Great Plains (Kansas & Nebraska) Archives

Greater New Jersey Archives

Indiana Archives

Louisiana Archives

Nebraska Wesleyan University Archives

New Zealand Archives

North Alabama Archives

Missouri Archives

New England Archives (Boston School of Theology)

Susquehanna Archives

Tennessee Archives
The American Methodism Project

The American Methodism Project is a digitized collection of interdisciplinary and historical materials related to American Methodism, sponsored by a partnership between United Methodist-related seminary libraries, the Internet Archive, the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History, and the Methodist Librarians Fellowship.

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additional United Methodist Archivists,
Commissions on Archives & History,
Conference Historians, 
and Conference Archive websites from across the Country.

Methodist History Video Resources
Methodist History:  Bishop Fought Slavery
Black College History
General Commission Museum at Drew
U.M. Archives at Drew
​Methodist History Comes to Life at St. George’s
St. George UMC, Oldest UMC in America
Methodist History: Slave welcomed as church member

Methodist History:  The Mourner’s Bench
Circuit Riders: Rural Roots of United Methodism
Methodist History: The Founding of Mother's Day​
John Wesley (75 minute movie from 1954)
John Wesley (6 minutes - Chuck knows Church)

Life of John Wesley (5 minutes - by Singapore Methodist Church)

John Wesley, (170 minutes from 2009)

UMC 101 - Wesleyan Quadrilateral (by UMCOM)

UMC 101 - Wesleyan Heritage (by UMCOM)

UMC 101 - Sacraments (by UMCOM)

UMC 101 - How Do United Methodist "Do" Church? (by UMCOM)

UMC 101 - John Wesley's Theology (by UMCOM)

John Wesley's Chapel in London (hymn sing-along by the BBC)
Hendrix College's 49th Candlelight Christmas Carol Service 
Philander Smith College: Rev. Ronnie Miller-Yow

Kathryn Maurer: Methodist Angel Welcomed Immigrants

Susanna Wesley: Mother of Methodism

How Aldersgate Changed John Wesley

Charles Wesley’s Gift of Music

Fanny Crosby: The Methodist Hymnwriter (50 videos)

Methodist History: The Founding of Mother’s Day

Sharing Martin Luther King's Dream (9 videos)

How Aldersgate Changed John Wesley

More Methodist Videos from UMCOM on You Tube

Methodist History: Mother African Zoar’s Legacy

Farmers Who Sowed Methodism in America

Francis Asbury: A Flame Spirit

Francis Asbury:  Methodism's American Saint

Methodist History: The Mourner's Bench 

Methodist History:  Communion Cups

How Methodist Understand Communion

Chuck Knows Church: Communion, part one

Chuck Knows Church: Communion, part two

How Methodist Understand Baptism

Baptism:  God's Gift to Us All

Chuck Knows Church:  Baptism

​Oklahoma Conference History Video

Chuck Knows Church:  Confirmation, part one

Chuck Knows Church: Confirmation, part two

​NEW LINK:  "Precious Memories:

Our Vanishing Rural Churches"

This 26 minute video by AETN takes a look back at the small country churches around the state of Arkansas. These church homes, featuring Arkansas' Smyrna UMC

& Point Cedar UMC, are historic and detail a way of life and heritage threatened by extinction in today's society.

Our Methodist Memories

This video is the oral history of Earlene Brown Henry and Fay Marie Stafford Johnson, both lifelong members of the First United Methodist Church in Springdale, Arkansas, share their memories of church life.







​​​​​​Written Resources
How To Write a Local Church History

Archives Brochure
2016 Report of Archives and History Commission
2016-2017 Members of the Commission
Significant Dates Related To Arkansas Methodism
Holdings of the Arkansas Archives
Arkansas United Methodist Historical Society
United Methodist Museum of Arkansas

Why the Wesleys, and others, came to be called Methodists

Formation of The United Methodist Church

The Archives Offers Treasures from the ‘Family Album’

Written Resources from "Old" Journals

Timeline of Ark Methodism 1830-2000

2013 Pictorial Directory & Service Records

Churches of the "old" West District (as of 2007)

Churches of the Central District (as of 2013)

Churches of the Northeast District (as of 2012)

Churches of the Southwest District (as of 2011)

Roll in Heaven (Deceased Clergy from 1836 to 2012)

Presidents of Hendrix College (1876 to 2016)

​Presidents of Philander Smith College (1877 to 2016)

Bishops, Secretaries, and Conference Sessions (1816-2008)

Video Resources for Church Historians
Archives - A Ministry of Memory

Archives & History: Connecting Church Past, Present, Future

Archives: Preserving Methodist Life Stories

The Archives:  Museum of Methodism

Tips for Preserving Your Local Church History
How to handle antique documents
How to repair pages that are dog-eared

How to Open Uncut Pages in Old Books
How to preserve old photographs
How to remove mold and mildew from old books

Drying Water Damaged Books
Cleaning Antique books carefully

Leather Book Repair - General Principals

How to Deodorize Musty, Smelly Books

How to Repair Book Cover Corners

Household Items Useful for Book Repair

Winfred D. Polk Archives
For The Arkansas Conference United Methodist Church