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Below are links to Service Records Kept 
by the North Arkansas Conference Secretaries
from the 1910’s to the 1970's.

(The first few pages are an index of the records that follow.

Some pastors may be listed in both books. Check both indexes.)
N. Ark. Conference Pastors Service Records
N. Ark. Conference Certified Supply Pastors Service Records


Assignments in Arkansas 1820 to 1836
1820 - 1836 Appointments

1838 to 1857 Appointments are in the process of being scanned

1858 to 1991 Appointments

for the Little Rock & Ouachita Conferences

Instructions for 1858-1991

Index for 1858-1991

Appointments for 1858-1991

1992 to 1997 Appointments are in the process of being scanned

1998 North Arkansas Appointments

1999 North Arkansas Appointments

2000 North Arkansas Appointments

2001 North Arkansas Appointments

2001 Little Rock Appointments

2002 North Arkansas Appointments

2002 Little Rock Appointments

Arkansas Conference Appointments:

2oo3 Appointments

2004 Appointments

2005 Appointments

2006 Appointments

2007 Appointments
2008 Appointments
2009 Appointments
2010 Appointments
2011 Appointments
2012 Appointments
2013 Appointments
2014 Appointments

2015 Appointments

2016 Appointments

2017 Appointments

2018 Appointments

2019 Appointments

2020 Appointments

Winfred D. Polk Archives
For The Arkansas Conference United Methodist Church